Powerliting (Singapore) is now officially recognized in the APF and IPF

  July 13 2014

Dear Powerlifting Family,

The powerlifting scene in Singapore has seen massive increase in support and interest over the past few years. We all came together because of the love for this sport, be it as a competitor, loader, spotter, judge, emcee, supporters and many more. It has always been on everyone’s mind, even from the year it all first started, that the ultimate goal of a federation or society of powerlifting is to gain recognition and inclusion from the highest level of the sport’s international bodies, which are the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and Asian Powerlifting Federation (APF).

It is therefore our utmost pleasure to announce that Powerliting (Singapore) is now officially recognized in the APF and IPF. The process was thorough and labor intensive in order to meet the high standards of the global controlling body. This recognition didn’t come easy by any means and would not have been possible without everyone who has contributed to the powerlifting scene here in Singapore! From a dream several years ago, everyone along the way has made a huge difference in getting this recognition. With the support from every single one of you out there, you have contributed and helped in IPF’s evaluation of Powerlifting (Singapore). The group of people we have to thank for is not just this year’s competitors, but also competitors and helpers who participated and helped in the past years competitions. To all of you out there, thank you and congratulations on making this huge milestone possible and being a part of it.

What does it mean for SPI14 lifters and all subsequent lifters of meets sanctioned by Powerlifting (Singapore)?

Every Powerlifting (Singapore) member is automatically qualified as an APF/IPF lifter because meets from SPI14 onwards will be sanctioned by Powerlifting (Singapore). You will be eligible to qualify for and compete in IPF regional and world meets and to challenge those records!

What’s next for all of us?

Join the meets, train and stay clean! We have managed to extend our hours for SPI 14 and can now offer 5 more spots for the competition!Once again, thank you for all your support thus far and we look forward to taking you to greater heights (and PRs!)

Powerlifting (Singapore)