Asian/Oceania Powerlifting Championships 2014

 December 15 2014

Dear Strength Family,

Over the last week, 550 lifters and about another thousand officials, coaches, handlers, family, friends and supporters descended on Melbourne, Australia. We took over the neighborhood and got ready for some exciting lifting!

All the Powerlifting (Singapore) athletes hit PRs at this meet as Singapore took our place at the IPF table.

Hidayat Osman hit PRs and went 185/107.5/205 @65.7 for a meet PR in a very competitive class which saw a preliminary world record being established. Tan Yan Wei went 192.5/137.5/255 @80.45 for a meet PR which included an incredible 14-second deadlift on his third attempt. The entire audience truly appreciated his effort and discipline to keep from hitching, and went crazy cheering him on! A great clip of it is on our facebook page. His current standing is silver in Asia and 3rd in deadlift  behind Brett gibbs and Joshua Tukua from New Zealand. Overall standing is 5th of 10 lifters.

Wu Mengting went 105/52.5/132.5 @62.7 and took first place in the Asian 63 Junior Women’s and second place in the Combined Asia/Oceania standings!

Marcus Yap went through a dramatic meet, going 185/105/207.5 @58.6! Despite missing his deadlift opener twice, he pulled through to edge out the Philippines’ competitor by 2.5kg in the total, claiming the Asian and Combined 59 Junior Men’s title!

It was indeed eye opening for our lifters as some incredible numbers were hit at the meet. Of note was Japan’s Suzuki Yusuke‘s 190 bench @67.35 while Jezza Uepa of Nauru hit a 405 squat, yes that’s kilos and raw.

Zulhairy and myself passed our IPF Category 2 referee’s exam and took on our first official duties as IPF referees, refereeing over 13 hours between the both of us.

Most importantly, our Australian hosts were impressed with our team’s conduct, punctuality and manners. We were very well taken care of in both in terms of hospitality and a smooth, professionally run meet. Melbourne is a beautiful city with great food, great weather and friendly locals.

Thanks, Melbourne and Powerlifting Australia for the wonderful memories and great competition! We’ll be back for sure one day!

Tan Say Yong
President of Powerlifting (Singapore)