Singapore Powerlifting Invitationals 2015

SPI15 saw 94 lifters on the platform which ended with a huge 302.5kg deadlift by Sri Lanka’s U120kg lifter Ransilu Jayayathilake. This meet saw numerous records being broken across all weight and age categories and some incredibly impressive lifts by individuals! Powerlifting (Singapore) would like to express our greatest gratitude and thank everyone especially the following people, for without them, the meet would not have been possible:

Official Anti-Doping Partner: Fitlion

Sponsors: Anytime Fitness Nex, Eleiko, Ferocity, Wellness for Life Chiropractic, Myos Health Clinic

Partners: SG Titans Powerlifting, Solitude of Strength, TGN Powerlifting, Anti-Doping Singapore, Singapore Disability Sports Council

Loaders/Spotters: Ashwin Anthony, Dominique Lau, Dylan Tan, Han Xingjian, Hidayat Osman, Jerome Zheng, Justin Low, Kamal Biseps Boii, Lim Wei Ping, Max Chen, Muhammad Hilmi, Razak Mansor, Robin Lim, Samuel Chao, Shaun Tan, Tan Eeloong. For all the non-stop tiring work loading and spotting and saving many lives along the way. There were many instances the spotters caught the barbell before it could cause any serious harm to anyone. Greatest apologies if any names were missed.

Music DJ: Leon. Kept the meet alive and entertaining with his careful selections.

Officials, Jury & Emcees: Always keeping the standards of judging and emcee-ing high. Congratulations to the new national referees who passed their theory and practical tests: Nicholas Han, Juliana Goh, Yasir Almakky and Tan Mian Chun.

All lifters: Without you, there will be absolutely no reason to hold a meet! Thank you for the unwavering support throughout the years and well done for constantly pushing and challenging yourselves to be stronger and better on the platform!

Overseas Lifters from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Malaysia & Chinese Taipei: A special shout out to all the athletes and officials for coming all the way to join us in this invitationals. An amazing show by all of them!

Registration: All the hard admin work was done prior to ensure the proceedings were smooth for all lifters during registration!

Scoresheet Master & Programmer: Ang Boon Yew. Putting together a brand new piece of scoresheet for the benefit of all the lifters. Boon was the score master for the entire meet. Every single lift was checked and validated on the scoresheet by him, along with the tabulation of all the results and records. Together with his partners who helped to keep tab of the lifts and also scoring manually – Alina Choo, Tan Yan Wei, Shazwan and Wu Mengting.

Meet Directors: TGN Powerlifting’s Teri Ong Say Peng & Anthony Tee. Months of constant hard work was put in to put together the most organized and successful powerlifting event yet! From registration to the very final lift, not a single detail was left out. They’re the brains behind all the smooth processing of the meet. The support from these 2 amazing individuals and all the volunteers from TGN has been tremendous throughout the years that this sport has been growing. Massive thank you to every single one of you for the amazing work and help!

Please tag or hashtag us if you have any pictures related to SPI15! Full results and records will be updated in a couple of days.

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